A Big Congratulations to our 2019 Novartis Career Development Award Winner – Luke Jones for his research proposal on investigating the effects of PRC2 loss on genome architecture, and the influence this has on TAD formation and subsequent de-repression of potential oncogenes.”

2019 Novartis Career Development Award Winner – Luke Jones

2019 Novartis Fellowship Award:

The Haematology Association of Ireland are delighted to announce that Novartis have kindly sponsored an Educational Fellowship. The award is intended as seed funding for non-tenured scientists including postdoctoral research fellows, early career scientists, clinical scientists to develop an area of basic or clinical research in a haematology related field in the island of Ireland. The award is open to both academic and hospital employees. All applicants must have a contract of employment for the period of the award. The amount of the Award is €10,000.00

The award is not suitable for post-graduate students studying for a Ph.D or M.D.

If you are currently not a member, you can become a member by registering online here shortly (any questions, just call Sinead).

Congratulations to our 2018 Winner: Dr Mark Hughes, RCSI for his proposal entitled “Exploring the immunomodulatory roles of the anticoagulant enzyme Activated Protein C for the treatment of inflammatory disease”


Please Click Here To Download The 2019 Novartis Fellowship Award Criteria

Travel Bursaries – 2019 

We are delighted to announce that travel bursaries will be awarded again this year in the amount of €150.00. 

Please Click Here To Download A Travel Bursary Application Form For 2019


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