2016-2017 Novartis Fellowship Award Educational Bursary



The award is intended as seed funding for non-tenured scientists including postdoctoral research fellows, early career scientists, clinical scientists to develop an area of basic or clinical research in a haematology related field in the island of Ireland. The award is open to both academic and hospital employees. All applicants must have a contract of employment for the period of the award.   The amount of the Award is €10,000.00

The award is not aimed at established researchers to develop a new area of research, for the development of new tests for the purpose of diagnosis, or for clinical review and diagnosis of a patient cohort. The award is not suitable for post-graduate students studying for a Ph.D or M.D.

The applicant must be a Member of the Haematology Association of Ireland.  The submission must contain a 4-5 page research proposal, applicant CV, and a letter of support from the Head of the Department.

The research proposal should include:

1. A brief background to the project.
2. Hypothesis and Aims.
3. Plan of investigation and outline of methods.
4. Costing.
5. Collaborations.
6. Anticipated outcome.
7. Added value of the research to related research in Ireland.
8. Contact details of the body in the host institution that will manage the award.

If the costing exceeds the amount of the award details of financial support should be given.

A letter of support should be included from a collaborator if significant contributions are expected of them, such as hosting the applicant in their laboratory or significant methodological or material contributions.

The application should include a letter of support from the Head of Department including brief details of how the applicant will be supported/ mentored. The Head of Department must confirm that the applicant has a contract for the award period.

All applications will be scored independently by three referees.

One referee shall be appointed independently by the Royal College of Pathology; and two referees shall be agreed by the Scientific Secretary, Secretary and President of the HAI. No referee shall be appointed that has a direct supervisory relationship with any applicant, or has a direct working relationship with the applicant. The opinion of another referee may be sought in exceptional circumstances such as marked differences of scores between the referees, or difficulty appointing a referee independent of all applications.

 (a) The applicant

The applicant must have a previous track record demonstrating an ability to work independently and ongoing publication record as a marker of productivity.

(b) The research proposal

This will include originality of planned research, and the coherence of hypothesis and research design. The potential of the planned research for further research funding shall be a significant consideration.

(c)  The host department and collaborations.

The host department should have demonstrable facilities and support for the applicant. The proposal should complement the research interests of the department. Any collaboration should demonstrate how this will contribute to the success of the project.

Adjudication and Final Decision.

On review of the scores the Secretary, Scientific Secretary, and the President of the HAI shall agree a recommendation for the HAI committee for endorsement by the committee. The referee scores will strongly influence the decision but the HAI is not obliged to give the award to the applicant with highest score. The rationale behind a decision shall be recorded. In the unlikely event that there is no consensus the award will be decided by a vote of the committee. The HAI reserves the right not to make an award if it is deemed there are no suitable applications.

Management of the Award

The amount of the Award is €10,000.00.  Should we be successful in this application, there would be no involvement in the adjudication process by Novartis.  The award will be managed by an appropriate body in the nominated host institution. A brief one page progress report from the researcher must be received by the Scientific Secretary or Secretary of the HAI at the end of the first year prior to second instalment being awarded.

The HAI reserve the right not to issue the second instalment if there is a significant change in circumstances of the awardee, the HAI, or significant change of research from that described in the application.

No application by the Secretary, Scientific Secretary, President or Vice-President of the HAI will be considered during their term in office.

It is recognised that applications are likely to be made by other committee members or colleagues of the officers and committee members. Any application or relationship to applicants should be made known to the committee at the earliest opportunity. Any committee member with a direct interest in an application will not be allowed to vote if any vote is required.

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DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSIONS:  Friday 23 September 2016 

Winner will be announced at the HAI AGM in Athlone on 15th October 2016.

ALL SUBMISSIONS MUST BE EMAILED TO SINEAD@SINEADCASSIDY.COM – An acknowledgement email will be sent by Sinead. If you don’t receive an acknowledgement email from Sinead, please assume that your submission has not been received by Sinead and therefore follow up.